Parthenon Lodge No. 1101
Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York


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From the East

 Greetings My Brothers,

  I would like to thank all of the Brothers of Parthenon Lodge No. 1101 for the hard work displayed over the course of the past few months. As we endeavor to continue to improve the lodge I ask that all Brothers to please continue to bring in sources of Masonic Light to share with Brothers of the Lodge and the craft at large.

Again we have come to an un-comfortable crossroads, where we again must discuss the best course of action to ensure that Parthenon Lodge No. 1101 endures, which means that the Brothers of Parthenon have still tougher decisions ahead of them. I would like to urge and encourage every Brother to attend the meetings and share their views and experiences so that we may make the best and most informed decisions. It is important to remember that the building blocks of every lodge is not the brick and mortar that surrounds us, but each individual Brother and the  experience and knowledge that they provide and share to help solve the issues that we face as a united body.

   Thank you once again and I look forward to seeing everyone in the near future.
W:. John Vlahakis
Master of Parthenon Lodge

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